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Whether you are looking at commercial properties, Plots, Farm land, Single family home, or apartment building, we can help you!. Sam Associates has the hardest team of Gaborone, Botswana real estate Agents and valuers!

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Choosing The Right Real Estate Brokerage In Gaborone Is The Biggest Decision When You are Ready to Buy a House

There isn’t another team of Gaborone Botswana real estate agent with the experience, skill, and dedication that we can offer. At Sam Associates, we help people find homes, farmland and investment properties throughout Gaborone, Botswana. No matter your budget, time frame, wants or needs, our team can help you find the right property. We will listen to you and help you make the best decision for you. We can show any house for sale in Gaborone or surrounding areas. We do not have to be the listing agent to show you the home or property. Your interests are our first concern.

We do more than open doors…

  • We will help you to prepare a great offer that is not overlooked by the home seller
  • We’ll help you separate emotion from facts so you don’t make a purchase you will regret later
  • We will only show you properties that meet your criteria, never showing you properties, you aren’t interested in or trying to “sell” you on a property that isn’t a good fit
  • We will help you find the best homes for sale in Gaborone and surrounding areas, even if they aren’t listed on websites
  • We’ll make sure that you don’t overlook any defects that could turn into a problem down the road by recommending qualified inspectors and using our decades of experience

Sam Associates Will Help You Find the Right Home While ALWAYS Keeping Your Best Interest In Mind

Buying a house in Gaborone, BW is one of the biggest decisions you will make. For many people, this is the largest investment of their life. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. Be confident in your purchase by enlisting the help of Gaborone’s top real estate agents. From start to finish, we will help you find the right home, pay the right price, and close with the least stress possible. Come find out why we are one of the top real estate brokerages in Gaborone! Give us a call now!

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