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Plot for sale in Mmadinare.

The plot is located in Mmadinare, a scenic and tranquil area, making it an ideal location for a lodge. With a size of 1.0843 hectares, the plot offers ample space for various facilities and amenities. The land provides a blank canvas for designing and constructing a lodge that suits the needs and preferences of potential guests. There is enough space to include accommodation units, such as guest rooms, cottages, or chalets. Additionally, the plot can also accommodate common areas, such as a reception area, dining hall, lounge, conference facilities, and recreational amenities like a swimming pool or outdoor seating area. Furthermore, the undeveloped nature of the plot presents opportunities for creative design and landscaping, allowing for the creation of a visually appealing lodge that seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment. Overall, this 1.0843-hectare plot in Mmadinare offers a unique opportunity for investors or developers to create a lodge that caters to tourists seeking an authentic nature-centric experience. With its desirable location and ample space for construction, this undeveloped plot holds significant potential for a successful lodge venture. Contact us for viewing

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