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An Investment opportunity

Introducing an amazing double property offering a unique 2-for-1 deal on everything! This property includes not one, but two spacious 700 square meter warehouses, making it perfect for those seeking ample storage or commercial space.One of the standout features of this property is its double entrances, allowing for easy access and convenience. Whether you plan on using one warehouse for personal needs and the other for commercial purposes, or if you need separate entrances for specific business operations, the double entrances offer flexibility and ease of use.

Each warehouse comes with its own designated yard space, providing an additional outdoor area for various activities or storage needs. The two yards enable you to allocate different functions to each or utilize them collectively for a larger open space.

In addition to the warehouses and yards, the property includes two sets of offices, ensuring there is ample workspace for multiple teams or different departments. These offices can be customized to fit your business needs and ensure a comfortable and productive work environment.

As for the amenities, you will find a fully equipped kitchen on-site, allowing for easy meal preparation and dining options during work hours. Multiple toilets are also available, conveniently distributed throughout the property, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all occupants.

Overall, this double property offers a fantastic opportunity to invest in a versatile space that doubles everything you need. With two warehouses, two entrances, two yards, two sets of offices, a kitchen, and multiple toilets, this property is perfect for businesses with diverse needs or individuals looking for flexibility in their storage and workspace. Don't miss out on this exciting 2-for-1 deal!

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