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Perfectly Located in the city centre!!!

This property is a striking 3-bedroom house located along the bustling South Ring Road in the business-friendly area Gaborone Ext 4. An ideal property for those seeking to convert this into a commercial space that perfectly balances style, practicality, and functionality. Each of the three bedrooms offers ample space, making them perfect for functioning as offices or conference rooms. The two well-maintained bathrooms ensure convenience and accessibility when the property is at its busiest. A modern, fitted kitchen provides the necessary space and facilities for any culinary or catering needs.

The house further includes a spacious lounge area, which could serve many purposes, such as a reception area or a comfortable waiting space for clients and visitors. High ceilings and large windows ensure that natural light permeates the house, creating an inviting atmosphere that is essential for a bustling commercial space.

For those concerned about security, the property is fortified. It includes a sturdy wall, enhancing privacy and security and an electric fence, providing an additional layer of protection against uninvited guests, ensuring a confidential and secure business environment.

What sets this property apart is the paved yard. This outdoor space could be used for various activities such as outdoor meetings, breaks, or even corporate events. It also creates the possibility of utilising the space for additional parking, a highly sought-after feature in a commercial building.

This house, with its strategic location, diverse facilities, and potential for transformations, is an attractive opportunity for businesses looking to establish or further expand their presence in Gaborone Ext 4.

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