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Property Features
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The piggery farm is located on a spacious plot of 3323 square meters and comes with a title deed. This ensures that the property is legally owned and can be transferred to the buyer without any issues.The farm consists of two well-maintained farm houses, providing comfortable accommodation for the owners or farm workers. These houses are designed to provide a convenient living space while being close to the piggery operations.

Water is readily available on the farm, with a water connection that allows for easy access to clean and fresh water. This is crucial for the proper care and hygiene of the pigs.

Electricity is conveniently available nearby, ensuring a stable power supply for the farm operations. This allows for the use of electrical equipment such as lighting, heating, and machinery.

The piggery houses are designed to provide a suitable environment for raising pigs. They are well-built structures that offer ample space for the pigs to move around and rest comfortably. The houses are equipped with proper ventilation systems to ensure optimal air circulation, keeping the pigs healthy.

The fenced yard surrounding the piggery houses provides a safe and secure area for the pigs to roam freely while also keeping them contained. This minimizes the risk of the pigs wandering off and ensures their safety.

Overall, this piggery farm offers a convenient setup with two farm houses, water connection, electricity nearby, and well-built piggery houses on a sizable plot of land. It provides a great opportunity for someone looking to engage in pig farming.

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