ref # 285

± 900 m2

This incomplete double storey house presents a unique opportunity for potential homeowners to shape their dream home. The overall structure is already in place, leaving the finishing touches up to your taste. The house architecture suggests an impressive layout; with four capacious bedrooms each promising the luxury of an ensuite bathroom. These rooms are generously sized, providing enough space for comfort and style. Unfinished, they are blank canvases ready to be painted with one's preferred interior design.

The common areas on the ground floor have distinct potential. The lounge and dining room are designed to provide ample space for family gatherings, while also incorporating natural light from the generous window placements. The TV room offers a perfect spot to create a cozy family area or a sophisticated home theatre setup, catering to varying needs for home entertainment. Additionally, there is a study room that can be personalized into a quiet home office or a dynamic workspace, according to the new homeowner's preference.

A double garage is included in the design, providing spacious accommodation for two vehicles, as well as extra storage room. This feature extends the practicality and convenience of the house.

The servant's quarters are also a notable feature, offering a space that can be converted into a guest house, a gym, or additional storage, depending on the homeowner's needs.

Overall, this incomplete double storey house is full of potential, waiting to be transformed into a beautiful, functional abode tailored perfectly to the homeowner's lifestyle and preferences.

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