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) Office Space A: This 65 square meter office space boasts of a contemporary design. The space gets an ample amount of sunlight providing perfect working conditions and includes a compact kitchenette equipped with modern appliances. The open space is ideal for partitioning according to your business needs. Its proximity to various shops in the Broadhurst Craft Centre is an added advantage if you are looking to rent in a lively environment.2) Office Space B: Situated in the heart of Broadhurst Craft Centre, this 75-square-meter office space offering can give a big boost to your business. There is a tidy kitchennette, fitting with sleek countertops and cabinets, it also provides ample space to customize or partition as per the requirement. The high ceiling and large windows add a feeling of spaciousness and tranquility making it a perfect working environment.

3) Office Space C: This 80 square meter office space has been designed for convenience and comfort in mind. An organized kitchenette lies in one corner and the rest of the space is open, allowing potential renters to partition as per their needs. Its location in Broadhurst Craft Centre puts it amidst a hub of business activities and provides excellent visibility. This space blends both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

4) Office Space D: Embrace the opportunity to work from this 70 square meter office space located in the Broadhurst Craft Centre. The modern kitchenette is right next to the entrance, leaving the rest of the room available for partitioning. The office space is well-lit, keeping the ambiance lively and motivating. Worth investing for startups or companies looking to expand their approach in a vibrant business center.

  • -Ample parking lot
  • -Communal toilets

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