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A commercial school has been established on a spacious 3063 square meter plot. The school is designed to provide a conducive learning environment with various facilities.Upon entering the school premises, there is a guard room to ensure the security and safety of all students, staff, and visitors. Adjacent to it is a spacious reception area where students and parents can check-in and receive any necessary information.

For the comfort of the teaching staff, there is a dedicated staff room provided. It serves as a place for teachers to collaborate, relax, and prepare for their lessons. The staff room is equipped with essential amenities such as desks, chairs, and storage facilities.

To cater to the needs of the students, there are multiple classrooms designed with well-equipped learning resources. These classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate a significant number of students comfortably.

Additionally, there is a separate student toilet facility available to ensure proper hygiene and convenience for the students. The facility is appointed with modern fixtures and maintained regularly.

To cater to the nutritional needs of the students, a fully functional kitchen is incorporated into the school. It provides freshly prepared meals and snacks, ensuring that the students are adequately nourished throughout the day.

Administrative functions are also taken care of within the school premises. A finance office is available to manage the financial operations of the school efficiently. Furthermore, there are dedicated offices for the CEO and deputy, ensuring effective leadership and administrative oversight.

The school also features a clinic to attend to the health needs of the students. It is equipped with basic medical supplies and staffed by a trained healthcare professional to provide immediate assistance when required.

To facilitate meetings and discussions, boardrooms are available within the school premises. These rooms are well-furnished and equipped with necessary audiovisual aids to ensure productive discussions and presentations.

The school premises also include a paved yard, providing ample space for outdoor activities, physical education, and recreational opportunities for the students. In addition, a designated parking area is available for staff and visitors, ensuring convenient access to the school.

Overall, the commercial school offers a comprehensive array of facilities, ensuring a well-rounded and conducive learning environment for its students.

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