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Is it buyer's market in Botswana?

Looks like it is turning buyer's market currently in Botswana. There are a lot of properties listed by Estate agents. This is the time prospect buyers may get good deals in home purchase in Gaborone and surrounding areas. Mortgage companies have tightened their lending policies. But still there are banks in Botswana who can assist in property finance if you open your eyes. Of late we have seen adverts in papers where First National Bank Botswana is offering 105 per cent in Mortgage Financing. Where first time buyers can get up to 105 % mortgage financing on new home. They claim that 100% will go towards mortgage financing and remainder 5% towards legal and administration fees.

Botswana Building Society is also actively offering property finance with attractive rates. So if you shop around it is not as bad as one might expect. This is the time to get good deal for property and mortgage finance.

We have several homes listed on Gaborone real estate website http://www.samassociates.co.bw/Homes_For_Sale/page_48854.html right now to begin with. Take advantage of current Mortgage rates and property offering today!   


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