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Our experience and new Exposure selling EngineTM gets your newly listed home advertised across multiple popular home search sites fast! This will ensure that your property sells faster than competition at top Pula in Gaborone Botswana!  

Selling property in Botswana? Download free Seller Form below, fax or email to us and we will get back to you to discuss our marketing techniques for selling or renting your home, house fast in Gaborone Botswana!

Then stay informed...

Once your newly listed home is being syndicated, you need to know just how well it's doing out there. We provide you with detailed statistics and reports from all of our supported syndication partners. These reports are available from within your own private Seller Login area. This is a great tool to check statistics on your newly listed home as well as add any notes you may have either forgotten or just want to add to let viewers know any recent changes or upgrades to your home.

With more syndication partners being included all the time, we have a competitive edge above other real estate professionals. The Exposure EngineTM gives us the advantage to get your newly listed home out there FAST!


Your Newly Listed Home's Seller Area | What is the Seller Area?

A private area where you, the seller, can login to view information and statistics about your newly listed home and provide additional details about the listing if you wish.

From the Seller Area You Can:

  • Preview your listing (as displayed on this website)
  • See a copy of the listing brochure
  • Access detailed reports on the performance of your online listing (automatically generated and updated by this website)
  • View notes regarding your listing
  • Use RSS feeds to view notes
  • Upload your own additional details, photos and memories of your home using a text editor

This is such a great feature for our seller clients in Gaborone, Botswana

You'll be given a URL and login for your newly listed home once it's in the system.

Download Seller's Form Below complete, fax or email to us. You may send us photos of your house by email if you are outside Gaborone to enable us quickly list your home :

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