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Since the independence of Botswana, the country has made great strides in the development of education and in building up good BotswanaBotswana Schools schools in the country to offer the best possible education to the students. The Botswana government involved in a commendable task of constructing secondary Botswana schools. 

The primary Botswana schools are mostly aided by the government of Botswana. There are also private schools in the country. The major goal of the government is to make the education available to all in the country. Botswana education is being given prime importance by the government. 

The Department of Primary Education in Botswana is in charge of the assessment and administration of all the primary schools of the country. There are a few international schools in Botswana. The teaching medium in the international schools of Botswana is English. Few of the renowned international Botswana schools include:

International English Medium Schools fees per term subject to change 
check with the relevant schools Authority first.




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