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Retiring In Botswana With Rental Real Estate

Botswana is located in the southern portion of Africa and is bordered on the south and southeast by South Africa. Botswana is landlocked but is the longest running democracy on the continent since its independence from Britain in 1966. The country of Botswana has a tightly controlled tourism industry that is second to the diamond mining industry in profitability for this small nation. There are several important tips for retiring in this resource rich country that can help to make a retirement move quick and easier to manage. These important tips are the following:

Retiring In Botswana

Retiring in this resource rich country can be the adventure seeker's place to retire. The small country is covered by desert, wet lands, and salt pans. A variety of wildlife makes its home in Botswana. Diamond mining has been a large part of the economic history of the country. There was a slow down in mining excavation in 2004. Property prices have increased in value in the capital city of Gaborone. Those from other countries are not allowed to own the Botswana properties out right. They can obtain real estate property leases for long periods of time. A foreigner can rent out a property in this country for a period of 55 years and up. 

The laws for rental real estate in this country tend to be pro landlord. The enforcement of any property law tends to be slow, and the significant delays in execution of the property laws can weaken the effect of these rental regulations. Locations for property rentals can include those along the eastern corridor that is closer to the nation's capital of Gaborone. The tourism industry has become the second largest industry, and there are several luxury resort destinations that attract many tourists each year. An amusement park is available for young families with children. Golf courses and golf estates are accessible to the touring public. These estates have hotel accommodations and recreational visitor golf courses. 

Services For The Disabled

For those travelling with, or who are themselves, elderly or unwell, medical care and support will be of huge interest. The country has its own comprehensive program that offers free or inexpensive health care to those who require medical assistance and the general population of Botswana has over a dozen general hospitals available. The sub Saharan desert region of Africa has had significant problems with the global diseases of HIV and AIDS, making medical care and accessibility a vital part of Botswana. Support for those living with dementia and other medical issues, mental or physical, is widely available, effective and modern. Dementia, for example, is being treated with anti viral drugs in conjunction with the direct medical treatments for the additional symptoms of this disorder and Cancer patients are being offered support and counseling by the nation's healthcare outreach programs as well, showing that those wanting to retire to another country don't have to be alone. 

The real estate industry has provided support for the disabled population of the country. There are standard ambulation access regulations for those rental occupants who need wheelchair access or handicapped accommodations. These access regulations are requirements for all rental properties within the country of Botswana.

Rules And Regulations

Retiring in Botswana with rental real estate should include a knowledge of the various rules and regulations that apply. A rental agreement is one that can be freely negotiated between a landlord and a tenant. There is no legal maximum amount for a rental deposit, although there is usually a deposit used in normal practice. A rental contract can be one for a fixed period of time. There are rental agreements that can terminate at will or that have no fixed terminal point. The leases that terminate at will usually have a notice period, and the indefinite leases have a notice of termination as well. The fixed period leases usually automatically terminate at the end of the period designated in the lease agreement. 

Rental real estate can provide a quick and convenient method of temporary or long term housing. The nation of Botswana has a profitable diamond mining industry and a successful tourism industry. This country offers several international mining corporations that produce diamonds, gold, uranium, copper, and oil. The largest diamond mine in the world is located here. Five star hotels are located along the eastern corridor of Botswana. A tourist can find a yacht club, a fishing club, a national dam and nature reserve, and several golf estates.